The Women in Film Seattle 2018 Professional Grant cycle has begun! 

The grant recipient will be announced The Second Tuesday, February 13, 2018, and will receive $1000 to support her project. Application and details for WIF Professional Members can be found here:

Here’s a shout out to our last three incredible WIF Grant recipients:

2017 - Maryna Ajaja is in pre-production of her short, TOO MUCH HISTORY, a narrative film with Russian flavor. A mother and son breach the gateway to the Stalin era gulags, not knowing where their personal journey will take them.

2016 - Vlada Knowlton’s THE MOST DANGEROUS YEAR is a timely documentary about what it means to be born transgender. The film is in post-production. A rough cut screened for the Washington Educators Association and received a standing ovation. Fundraising is ongoing; donations are tax deductible:

2015 - Rosalie Miller and Jo Ardinger are in post-production of their documentary PERSONHOOD, examining a widely unknown system of laws that treats pregnant women as an underclass, stripping pregnant women of nearly every constitutional right. Fundraising is ongoing and donations are tax deductible.

Women in Film Seattle is so proud to sponsor these women and their work.

The idea for The Most Dangerous Year documentary emerged from a parents’ support group meeting and 2015 Anti-Transgender legislation. The film shows us the ugliness of ignorance and the result of a population being in the dark about transgender people. Our 2016 WIF Seattle grant award winner Vlada Knowlton shines a light on transgender kids.

Not so long ago, our society treated even left-handed people as abnormal and gay people as having a mental illness. We have become more enlightened as we mature as a society and this film seeks to continue to educate society and contradict myths surrounding what it means to be born transgender.

Shot mostly in 2016 and now in post-production, a rough cut was screened for the Washington Educators Association early this year. It received a standing ovation.

Fundraising is ongoing with an expected release date sometime in 2017.

Check here for more information about the Women in Film Seattle Professional Grant