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Women in Film's partnership with Seattle Film Institute provides awards for women filmmakers to pursue expertise and knowledge in the filmmaking craft. www.seattlefilminstitute.com

Seattle Film Institute is proud to support new and emerging women filmmakers. The school was founded in 1994 and offers the largest film program in the Northwest, boasting a prestigious, professional faculty and featuring hands-on education and practical filmmaking experience providing the groundwork for a successful career in film. 

SFI has three grants available exclusively through Women in Film, Seattle. These grants are intended to help offset tuition costs at SFI for women who seek a career in filmmaking and can demonstrate the potential to make a positive impact in the industry.

MFA in Filmmaking & Producing—$10,000 Award

This award is designed for women filmmakers looking to develop top-level skills in filmmaking and to refine their craft. Seattle Film Institute's Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking & Producing is a highly immersive and unparalleled program providing graduate degree students with the strategic tools and hands-on production skills needed to launch their films and careers.

SFI's MFA in Filmmaking & Producing program is the only graduate degree program of its kind.

BA or Certificate in Film—$5,000 Award

This grant is available to women seeking a Bachelors of Arts in Film degree or Certificate in Film and offers the following program concentrations:

  • Filmmaking
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound Design
  • Acting for Film

This grant is intended to support students who have (a) not yet earned their BA degree or equivalent and are enrolled in the BA in Film degree program or (b) already earned a BA and who wish to receive a certificate from SFI upon successful completion of the program.

Masters of Arts in Producing for Film—$5,000 Award

This award is available for serious female filmmaking students seeking to enroll in Seattle Film Institute's Master of Arts (MA) in Producing for Film program. The MA in Producing in Film program develops the expertise students need to pursue a career as a film, television and digital content producer and acquire a skill-set that is directly applicable to a wide range of career paths.

Women in Film also offers a sponsorship for student membership in WIF Seattle to women matriculated each year at SFI.



Please visit www.seattlefilminstitute.com for session information.

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