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mentoring program

The mentoring program is temporarily on hold

What excites you about filmmaking? Is it the directing, the editing, the lighting, or the production design? Have you ever wondered what it takes to coordinate a major film production or national commercial?

Here is your chance to experience the everyday challenges of the pros and learn what it takes to achieve success in the film and media industry. In Women in Film’s mentorship program, you can be placed with a working professional as your own personal mentor. You can gain real life experience by working alongside the people who make the important behind the scenes decisions every day.


Through a simple application process, explain to us why you are passionate about filmmaking, where your area of interest lies, and why you should be awarded placement with a mentor. Women in Film will review all applications and choose 3 applicants for the program. Note: You must be a member of Women in Film to be awarded placement in the mentorship program.

Not a member? All ages and genders are welcome. Become a member of Women in Film Seattle. Become a member of Women in Film Seattle.

Since many of our mentors are freelancers, there is no set time frame for the length of your mentorship; you will work with your mentor on scheduling because film and commercial production can be sporadic. This is your opportunity to gain knowledge that can't be taught in a classroom and form professional relationships that can last your entire career.