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from Virginia Bogert
I’ve been a member of Women in Film Seattle since its inception in 1990, a board member since 2004, and president for nearly 11 years. I now serve as Community Liaison, a good fit since I’m a vintage member of this film community. Why do I do this? I love and respect what we at WIF represent and what we do; and I’ll tell you, supporting women filmmakers, working to advance their careers, providing a venue for women’s voices and diverse voices, promoting respect for women on and off set and screen, is an uphill battle. But, I will continue to serve this cause and influence this industry. Gender parity in our business is important. The intersection of diverse voices is important. Women’s stories are important. Creative freedom is important. Progress has been tough but so are we, and our filmmaker voices are integral to the world’s cultural landscape. We can set the tone for what is right, moral, and artistic. We can effect change. WIF Seattle and the other 40 chapters throughout the globe can keep creative freedom alive, change perceptions and counter prejudice. Women have a unique PIE – perspective, insight, experience – and more than half the world’s population share it and we want to see and hear our stories told. Help yourself to a piece.


The Women in Film board works hard to conduct our organization fairly and in a non-partisan way. Representing our membership, we deplore misogyny, the objectification of women and prejudice in all forms. We work for diversity and inclusion via our voices in film and other platforms. As filmmakers, we own a powerful craft and have an obligation to embrace our strength. We support our sisters and are committed to working with integrity. We urge you as filmmakers to be visible, be heard, tell our stories, share them - on any screen.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, 501(c)(3) organizations like Women in Film Seattle are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. However, we can take a moral stand against bigotry and misogyny, and we do again now. We are an organization of professional women, students, and men committed to working with integrity in the art and business of film, and advancing women in the film industry.


from WIF Board

We extend a belated but heartfelt welcome to our new and not so new board members: Stefanie Malone, Education Chair; Isabella Price, TST Chair; and brand spankin’ new board member Diana Fairbank, WIF Directory Chair.

Stefanie is the director of NFFTY the National Festival for Talented Youth and as the WIF Education Chair will be reaching out to students and the community and helping provide educational opportunities via WIF. Stefanie will also handle intern programs WIF Seattle will launch on a limited basis.

Isabella is a stylist/costumer with managerial skills and if you have attended any of Women in Film’s TST’s, you know her as an adroit and gracious moderator of the outstanding WIF hosted panels.
Last but not least, Diana Fairbank has come on board to revamp, and make more accessible our Women in Film Professional Directory, located on our website, a compendium of talented WIF members in every film business capacity. All biographies can be found at:


You can learn more about all our illustrious board members here: