women in film seattle: professional grant

In keeping with our goals, Women in Film Seattle offers an annual project grant to its Professional Members of $1,000 to support the filmmaker's project.

Nov 30, 2017 – Application submission deadline
Feb 2018 – The grant recipient is contacted
Feb 13, 2018 – The grant recipient is announced at The Second Tuesday, contract is signed, funds are released.


THE FINE PRINT: The WIF Professional Grant is a cash award. Women in Film Seattle cannot guarantee pro bono services for the grant recipient. WIF Seattle can provide certain consultation, a letter of support, its goodwill with the film/video community and service vendors to help the recipient meet her goals. The recipient must also agree to the stated guidelines stipulated for the grant. The WIF logo must appear in the final film credits.

1. The filmmaker's project is judged on:
• subject matter and social relevance
• experience and ability of the filmmaker to complete the project
• creativity and originality
• marketability (niche filled)
• viewer engagement/education/entertainment
• value of grant re: budget
Value: 50%

2. The filmmaker's work sample is judged on:
• production value
• originality
• viewer engagement/education/entertainment
• technical execution
Value: 50%

3. Consideration is given to projects supporting/benefiting women and women related issues; and to female filmmaking teams creating the project.

Submissions are scored on a 1-10 scale with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor. Applicants with the top three scores become finalists. Judging consists of review by three filmmaker/peer professionals. In the event of a tie, or if the judges cannot agree, a 4th judge with expertise in the film realm/industry will be chosen from within or outside the Northwest film community to cast a deciding vote.




Read and adhere to the grant rules.
Email the completed application and provide a viewing link to your work sample (with password access) to: Susan LaSalle susanlasalle@hotmail.com - cc Virginia Bogert virginia@laughingdogpictures.com

Alternate process:
Read and adhere to the grant rules.
Mail three copies of the completed application with three DVD work samples to:
Women in Film Seattle
Att. Grant Administrator
1216 10th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

For questions please call the Women in Film office at (206) 447-1537 or contact: Susan LaSalle susanlasalle@hotmail.com or Virginia Bogert virginia@laughingdogpictures.com